Imagine having that “old school” sinewy strength?

Indian and Persian wrestlers and other martial artists have used Macebells as an integral part of their strength and conditioning training for over 2000 years. They develop MASSIVE GRIP STRENGTH and CORE STRENGTH.

The Steel Mace Myofascial Strength Workout is a complete Mace workout.  You will start by learning the two basic Mace swings and their grip variations.

This will be followed by instruction in some arm and leg variations for the two main macebell swings and you will be shown how to breathe correctly when performing these swings.

Finally you will learn some more unusual advanced techniques including myofascial loading techniques developed by Myofascial Correction™ teacher K.G.Kelly BSc.Sport(Hons) DC.

Using our Mace Strength Workout will help you effectively put a functional loading stress on your entire body.

The “Sinewy old fashioned strength” results from functional training that mimics sporting and everyday actions.

This affects the ligaments, tendons, and myofascial kinetic chains. Within just three weeks you will normally notice significant changes in strength.




  • Improved Grip – Massive Changes in Grip Strength, Develop Fingers Like Steel
  • Huge Changes in Forearm and Wrist, Strength and Endurance
  • Increase the Strength and Elasticity of Your Myofascial Chains
  • Better Shoulder Strength, Flexibility and Function
  • Extensive Multi-Directional Core Workout
  • Heart and Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Increase Your Respiratory Muscles Function and Strength

Who will benefit from this training?

If your a novice, a sports person or a professional athlete you will benefit from this Mace Strength Workout.

Steel mace training provides unique benefits in strength, fitness and conditioning that seperates it from other types of training, putting forces on your body that differ from any other type of training.

The specialised myofascial conditioning exercises developed by Myofascial Correction™ teacher Kevin Kelly will strengthen, stretch and develop greater elasticity in your myofascial system.